There are many tourist attraction sites globally that you will want to visit as long as you live. Your decision of a touring site should be determined by several factors including cost. However, you will want to invest or save an extra coin in order to visit a place that offers best forms of attractions. Often, natural attractions are a site that everyone will want to capture. This is the case with a Koh Kong island tour. You must not leave that province unless you do the following couple of things;

It is undoubted that you will want time to yourself. This can only be guaranteed at the Koh Kong Island. You will have high quality time alone because your interference will be the squeaky sands. Fortunately, there are so many operators who provide trips to this site. Their prices vary depending on the depth of your Koh Kong island tour. In order to have immediate interaction with nature, you will want to have a boat ride from the town to the island. This takes approximately two and a half hours.


You will pride going through the floating and fishing villages, mangroves, Thai bridge and the Paem Krasaop sanctuary before taking a rest on the beach. Here, you can admire the 700-meter beach along with the wide variety of fish. It is adorable to walk on the noisy sand. Since you are not restricted, you should take time to adventure the inland. The people of Koh Kong have a nice culture and you will want to dine with them before ending your day tour.

The Tatai waterfall and River is very attractive that every foreigner will want to spend some days adoring its beauty.  It mostly wanders through the mountains of Cardamom. There are places that its 20-meter depth permits for smooth flow. Nonetheless, there are places where it flows thunderously. This is common in spots where the riverbed drops aside to create cascading waterfalls.

Cardamom Mountains are full of hills that loom around the river. Although there are some steep slopes, you will notice frothy green escarpments that have elements of wildlife. This river that is primarily fringed by bamboo and palm trees homes an assortment of resorts. Interestingly, you can decide to visit the waterfalls only or merge it with moments of trekking through the glorious forest. It is however unfortunate that despite its values, the communes live in sorrow due to sand dredging.

The Koh Yor Beach is a site that everyone who wants some shine, sea and sand should visit especially if they do not want to go to the Koh Kong Island. It is located on the alternative side of Thai Bride. It might not be the best beach to tour but its calmness is worth your stay there. If you cannot clear a patch to rest on, then renting a salas sheltering should be your choice. This approximately costs $5. You can order a wide variety of Khmer dishes, drinks and beers. Even so, this sunset Koh Kong Island tour site is known for its soft shell crabs that are available at the Crab Shack.

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